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The Fund For the Future

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Fellow Congregants and Friends,

It seems like our move from Finneytown to Deerfield Township happened just yesterday‑‑but we have now enjoyed 14 years at our home on Fields Ertel Road.  During this time we shared joys and met challenges, marked life cycle events, and welcomed new members into our congregational family.  We feel pride in our legacy and what we accomplished as we embrace the future and continue to plan for it.  We now seek your help in continuing this journey. This is the time for us to conduct an endowment campaign to help assure our congregation's vibrancy now and tomorrow.

The Northern Hills Synagogue Fund for the Future seeks to raise funds to accomplish these objectives:

Maintain Our Building:

Our building is no longer new.  It is no surprise that as buildings age, key components and systems wear out. Things like HVAC units, roof, parking lot, kitchen equipment, office equipment, and carpeting all require periodic replacement. In fact, we recently spent $18,000 to replace HVAC units that were no longer functioning properly.  We expect that further replacements will be needed in the not-too-distant future.

Our Finance Committee recently conducted an in-depth study of long-term building needs. They concluded that setting aside approximately $45,000 per year would be prudent to ensure we can properly maintain our physical plant. 

Fund and Support a Caring and Talented Professional Staff:

We seek to be a vibrant center that supports the spiritual, educational, life cycle, and programming needs of our members and the wider community.  Meeting these needs requires a well-rounded and talented professional staff

Rabbi Noah Ferro is ready to begin his full-time service as our Rabbi. Rabbi Ferro told us when he applied to be our rabbi:

"As a rabbi, it is my sacred calling to guide all of our people, young and old, and from all sorts of backgrounds, as they journey through the cycle of the Jewish year…I believe I should empower them to experience things for themselves – to make their own Jewish choices and find their own Jewish meaning."

A successful Fund for the Future Campaign assures our ability to retain an inspiring Rabbi and a sufficient number of talented professional staff to enable our Synagogue to flourish.

Replenishing Our Reserves:

In the not-so-distant past, we were able to maintain cash reserves roughly equivalent to our annual budget.  This provided security against unexpected expenses.  More recently, mainly due to the reasons listed above, our cash reserves have diminished to the equivalent of just a few months of the budget.  In order to be sure that we can cover unexpected or extraordinary expenses, we need to rebuild this vital asset.

Simply put, a successful Fund for the Future Campaign will help us ensure we are able to properly take care of our physical plant, enable us to better use our resources for personnel and programming, and firm up our financial foundation.

You can make a pledge that you can choose to pay over as many as five years. You have our thanks and gratitude in advance for considering a pledge to this Campaign and for your participation! We'll keep you informed in a variety of ways as we proceed.

To show our appreciation for your generous contributions, our donors will be recognized on an artistic donor wall to be designed by our member and gifted artist, Julie Pentelnik.  We'll use artistic graphics to recognize donors for their commitment levels (dollar amounts will not be displayed).

In addition, we're happy to confirm that, with your contribution of at least $1,000, you will make a Create Your Jewish Legacy gift to our Synagogue that entitles you to be publicly recognized by being included in the CYJL community-wide honor rolls and The Legacy Flame exhibit at the Mayerson JCC.

In the meantime do you have questions? Want to meet with one of us? Feel free to contact us -- and we'll reach out to you as well.


Bill Freedman                                             Herb Brass
President and Fund for the                       Past President and Fund for the
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