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The Kroger Plus Card & Remke Gift Card Fundraiser

Both Kroger's and Remke grocery stores both offer Community Rewards to non-profit organizations. You can choose Northern Hills Synagogue to be the recipient of a percentage of your purchases AT NO COST TO YOU!

If you have a Remke gift card that is linked to NHS, simply load the gift card at the customer service desk or with the check-out clerk prior to scanning your grocery order. Then scan your Remle card as usual before scanning your order. You can use any credit card of your choice to load the card. This will allow you to continue earning miles, points or cash back (determined by your charge card). You can load the card with an amount of your choice: for example, the amount you spend weekly or monthly for groceries.


You must re-register your Kroger Plus Card online after APRIL 1, 2014!
The old card expired March 31, 2014.

Kroger's has changed the way it links for this service. Instead of using a gift card, you must link your Kroger Plus card to NHS online. That way every purchase you make with your Kroger Plus card will count, and you will still receive sale prices and gas discounts. The register receipt will state your gasoline earnings and the recipient of the Community Rewards program.

To link your Kroger Plus card to NHS, go to and click on the Card icon on the "Sign In" or "Create an Account" buttons. Log in or create a new account. Then click on the red "My Account" button at the top.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Account Registration" under "Customer Service". This will take you to "Account Summary". Go to "Community Rewards" on the bottom right, and click on "Edit". In the "Find Your Organization" Search box, enter "Northern Hills Synagogue" or the number "81982". Select Northern Hills Synagogue and save your selection. That's it!


This is a great way to earn money for NHS by doing exactly what you would normally do for grocery shopping, at no cost to you.


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