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NHS 7th Graders Learn How to Put on Tefillin

Sunday, September 7, 2014

On Sunday morning, September 7, 2014, our 7th Graders, soon to be Bar/Bat Mitzvah, learned how to put on tefillin from adult mentors at the morning minyan.

Putting on tallit.
Rabbi David Siff recites the bracha for putting on tallit.

The blessing is written on the top of the tallit.
Rabbi Siff puts on his tallit.
Rabbi Siff demonstrates how to put on a tallit.
The kids put on their tallit.
The kids put on their tallit.
Rabbi David Siff
Rabbi Siff shows how to wrap tefillin on his arm.

Oded Zmora wraps tefillin straps on his arm.

Edie Neusner helps a student.

Bill Freedman helps a student recite a blessing.

Michael Ganson wraps the tefillin on his arm.
NHS President David Bernstein
NHS President David Bernstein talks to Edie Neusner.
Rabbi George Barnard and a student.
Rabbi George Barnard helps a student put tefillin on his head.
The morning minyan.

Kids wrap tefillin for the first time.

Oded Zmora and a student.

Dr. David Goldstein and a student.

NHS President David Bernstein shows students where the prayer is in the book.

Starting morning prayers.
Rabbi Siff leading the morning service.
Rabbi Siff leading the morning service.
Rabbi Siff blows a shofar.
Rabbi Siff blows a shofar (ram's horn).
Everyone together.
Everyone together for a group photo!

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